Discover how the Biron Castle has survived the centuries, evolving from a medieval fortress into an elegant Renaissance residence, a symbol of power and prestige in the heart of the Dordogne.

A jewel of Périgord through the centuries

Discover the history of Château de Biron, a historical treasure associated with the greatness of the Gontaut-Biron family. The Gontaut-Biron family ruled this monument for eight centuries, leaving their mark through the wars and assaults of the Middle Ages.

At the dawn of the Renaissance, the château took on a new dimension thanks to major restorations influenced by the Italian and classical styles. New extensions, including the seigniorial chapel, were added, providing the setting for some exceptional sculptures.

In 1978, after various changes of ownership and conflicts at the time, the Dordogne department acquired the château to save it from ruin. Now recognised as a major site in the Aquitaine region, Château de Biron is an architectural ensemble marked by the superimposition of styles over the years.

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The incredible facsimile project

In the 15th century, inside the castle’s seigniorial chapel, a master painter created 2 exceptional sculptural ensembles: a Pieta and a Entombment of Christ.

The object of much covetousness, it was in 1908, at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, that they found their place.

For conservation reasons, it was previously impossible to make casts of these works. However, thanks to technological advances, the Ateliers des Fac-Similés du Périgord have succeeded in reproducing the Piéta and the extraordinary facsimile of Lascaux in exactly the same way.

Today, during your visit, take a closer look at the fascinating history of these forgotten masterpieces and discover the years of work carried out by this company.

Reproduction des sculptures de Biron