Biron Castle


The property, which is owned by the département of the Dordogne, is listed as a Major Site of Aquitaine and as a Historic Monument. The buildings present a diversity and accumulation of architectural styles which bear witness to the former glory of this family of valiant soldiers and powerful lords who found favour with many kings.

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Discover the castle of Biron, one of the largest in the south-west of France. This "stone vessel" offers a panorama of more than thirty kilometers!

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Biron Castle provides one of the Dordogne’s principal contemporary art exhibition spaces.  During the summer of 2018, Damien Cabanes’ work is on show in an exhibition entitled “Is it Possible to Draw a Colour?” (closing date: 4 November 2018).

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Step into History and discover a Major site of Aquitaine and a Historic Monument while taking an artistic detour via contemporary art.

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Ceramic Exhibition Monumen'Terre
From 04/07
To 31/10

Ceramic Exhibition Monumen'Terre

For ten years now, four young ceramicists - Boris Cappe, Tristan Chambaud-Heraud, Arnaud Erhard and Virginie Preux - have been working around a traditional Japanese oven they have built in Abjat-sur-Bandiat. This coated oven - Anagama in Japanese - has...


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