From New York to Biron

A century ago, two jewels from the seigniorial chapel of Biron left their original location to become the centrepieces of the new medieval gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. These exceptional sculptures were sold by the last Marquis of Biron to John Pierpont Morgan, the world’s wealthiest man, in 1907.

In 1953, the idea of creating reproductions of the works was considered. However, it wasn’t until February 2023, after five years of study and discussion, that Semitour Périgord, which manages the château, and the Département de la Dordogne, which owns the château, initiated a collaboration with the American Museum.

After creating the famous reproduction of the Lascaux cave, the Ateliers des Fac- Similés du Périgord set themselves the task of restoring Biron’s “forgotten” masterpieces. Unveiled to the public in October 2023, come and discover the return of the Pietà to the seigniorial chapel of Biron Castle.